Sunday, August 9, 2015

30 Day Creative Challenge

Doodle inspiration by Virginia Robert

After a long bout of inactivity,  I have finally broke through a low period in my life and can feel the creative child whirling, once again, with excitement of discovery and wonder at the art of making things.
Pine AZ 2015

 All it took was a walk in the tall pine trees in Pine, AZ and allowing the silence to surround me.  I closed my eyes, breathed in deep the smell of the earth and listened to the still, small voice of my soul tell me of my deep desires.  I am a gypsy soul, a wild child of nature who weaves the influences of nature in her art and lives to make things with twigs, shells and sea glass.  My inner voice has been whispering to me my entire life and I couldn't hear it over the obligations and duties I was taught by well meaning adults and society.  I am I child of wide-eyed wonder who gets excited by the way the light falls on a leaf or the way the clouds reflect the setting sun or by the sound of a drop of rain hitting a tile roof.  These are the things that set my soul on fire.

Dream collage by Virginia Robert

I have decided to give myself a 30 day creative challenge.  For the next thirty days, I am going to make art every day.  At first,  I thought I would complete a project a day but given my full-time job I decided to complete projects as I go but create art every day and document it on my blog and Instagram, Pinterest and Tumbler.

Day 1:  Today, I am creating an idea jar out of a mason jar which I am going to decorate and fill with strips of paper, each with one of my many hundreds of thousands of ideas that I have written in my journals over the years. This way, I can pull out one idea and work on that one instead of being overwhelmed by ideas.  I am doing baby steps to begin this journey, otherwise, I tend to get overwhelmed and give up.  I have done that way too much in my life.  Every night I hear the voice
of my soul tell me to begin your soul's journey now.  So now it is!

Anything creative goes with this challenge.  Poetry, drawing, journaling, doodles, crafts, etc.

If anyone wants to join me and post on your own blogs, come along with me.  It's going to be fun. Eventually, I may even start a private Facebook group to continue the creative challenge, but I am getting ahead of myself.  Baby steps!

I will post my updates on my projects each day on my blog.

I'm excited and look forward to this journey that is long overdue.