Thursday, June 11, 2015

Gathering Strength and Courage

Gathering Strength and Courage

Today I shall be focused
on writing 
what I will say 
at my father's
memorial service.

I shall be brave 
and stand in front of
family, loved ones 
and say 
to a man
I have known
and loved my whole life.

I shall
try to remain
as I explain that
even though my father
lived his life 
in the guise
of an
ordinary man,
he was really
a quiet hero; 
my hero
and my life
is richer for having 
him in it.

I will stand tall
and face
everyone and tell them
I am broken wide open by grief
but I am honoring
my father's life
by living mine
to the best
of my ability.

I will begin the healing process 
and wish
my father peace
on the next part in
his journey.
I will thank him for my life
and appreciate
every breath I have left
to make every moment count.

James T. Clauss